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Close-up of a Terry women's saddle

Our Terry testers

Your feedback is important to us. That's why we've launched the Terry tester program. Cyclists who regularly ride, in various bike categories, could apply to us and extensively test our Terry saddles . The feedback was exceedingly positive, and we have compiled a few excerpts below.

Seating Position: slightly inclined


6,000 km per year

Figura GTC Gel Men

After a short period of getting used to it, the saddle and I got along better and better and now I don't even want to ride with another saddle. I really enjoyed the gel pads on long tours. They distribute the pressure of the sit bones very well.

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Terry tester Martin rides Figura GTC Gel Men
Seating Position: slightly inclined


5,000 km per year

Figura GT Women

Even longer tours and mountain rides hardly leave an unpleasant feeling in the perineal area. All in all, I am very satisfied. This is by far the best saddle I've had on my MTBs so far.

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Terry tester Regina rides Figura GT Women
Seating Position: slightly inclined


2,500 km per year

Figura GTC Gel Women

The daily commutes to work as well as long day trips (approx. 60 to 70 km) are ideal to cover with this saddle, no pain in the genital area, no toes falling asleep. And of course, the bike had to go on holiday with me, to the mountains. I have to say, I have never ridden up the mountains sitting so comfortably as with this great saddle.

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Terry tester Sonja rides Fisio GTC Gel Women
Seating Position: moderate


2,500 km per year

Fisio GTC Gel Max Men

Every day I get a portion of exercise by bike to work on a total distance of 10 km. I would never have thought before that a saddle is one of the most essential elements of a bicycle, because if it causes discomfort, then the most beautiful frame, the greatest tyres or the most expensive gears are no motivation.

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Terry tester Hasan rides Fisio GTC Gel Max Men

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Close-up of a Terry women's saddle

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It is important to adjust your saddle correctly to avoid discomfort and ensure an efficient ride. Here we explain what to look for and how to check and adjust the necessary settings yourself.

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