Terry saddles effectively stop the causes of seating discomfort

Terry expert shows the pelvis model on a Terry saddle

Saddles for women and men

Our saddles are designed precisely for the female and male anatomy. The stepless 3-zone comfort seat with ergonomic relief opening combats cycling discomfort - from mountain bikes to low-level e-bikes.

Stop your seating discomfort and find the right saddle for you now.

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Full competence for your fitting saddle: The Terry Experts

In the Terry Ergonomics Laboratory, our experts use the latest pressure measurement techniques, combined with other types of research, to develop the optimum saddle for each purpose, effectively eliminating the causes of sitting discomfort. 

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The experts demonstrate the Terry saddle with a pelvis.

Our technologies of comfort explained in detail

Here you can find out what our designers and engineers have developed for your comfort, from everyday use to travelling the world. In addition to women's and men's relief surfaces, comfort features such as foams and gel inserts, shock absorbers and cover fabrics will make your next trip perfect.

On Terry Saddle Technology
A Terry expert looks at the Terry saddle from behind.

Ergonomically and medically tested

Women and men have significant differences in the seating area that go beyond the obvious. Variations in the genital area, pelvic anatomy and pelvic tilt mean that gender-specific saddles are needed to prevent seating problems. Read more here.

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A Terry expert shows the cyclist's posture on the pelvis model and Terry saddle.

Terry will also stop your sitting stress. If not: 30-day money-back guarantee.

When nothing else will do, a Terry saddle will often deliver. We know this, and so do countless other enthusiastic cyclists. But because you may have made a few mistakes in your search for the right saddle, we've made it even easier for you with our 30-day money back guarantee (at participating retailers). Find out how it works here.

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Terry 30 Days Refund Policy

The Terry saddle technology

The 3-zone comfort principle

Cycling puts a lot of pressure on the sensitive seat area and the relatively small saddle surface. It is important to transfer the pressure from the perineal and genital areas to the relatively insensitive ischial tuberosities. Terry's 3-zone comfort principle does just that: no pressure on the perineum and genital area thanks to the relief opening (1), no pressure on the edges thanks to smooth transitions (2), even pressure distribution thanks to a seat surface that is adapted to the distance between the ischial tuberosities and the seating position (3).

Terry-Sattel von oben mit eingezeichneten 3-Zonen-Komfortprinzip

Seating without steps - without tilting moment

Cyclists change their sitting position instinctively to reduce individual pressure in the saddle or shifting body weight, uphill and downhill - it happens intuitively and without thinking. However, this natural movement is almost impossible with step saddles. Terry's 3-zone comfort principle, with its relief opening, allows you to sit in a stepless manner, with optimum pressure distribution and a high degree of freedom of movement from the rear to the top of the saddle.

Grafik eines Beckens auf einem Terry-Sattel beim stufenfreien Sitzen Grafik des Beckens beim stufigen Sitzen
A woman and a man are cycling along a path.

Terry - In the best of company

Your new Terry saddle comes from a professional and reliable environment with a long history in the international bicycle market. Terry is part of the brand portfolio of the RTI Group. In addition to the well-known bicycle accessories wholesaler RTI Sports, world-leading brands such as Ergon and Ca Go are also managed in every respect. Product development, marketing, sales - all under one roof in Koblenz. 

What to look out for when fitting your saddle

It is important to adjust your saddle correctly to avoid discomfort and ensure an efficient ride. Here we explain what to look for and how to check and adjust the necessary settings yourself.

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Terry expert explains a Terry saddle