Terry saddles for men relieve pressure in the rear saddle area

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The male anatomy

Compared to women, the male pelvis is less flexible. As a result, men sit more upright in the saddle, putting more strain on the sit bones. In contrast to the female anatomy, the male pubic bone is much steeper and the symphysis is much higher. 

Graphic of a male pelvis

Sensitive perineal area

The problem: Men often experience unpleasant numbness in the genital area on conventional saddles with a closed saddle surface. This is caused by too much pressure on the sensitive perineum. 

Men-specific relief in the rear saddle area

The solution: Terry men's saddles have a rear relief opening. This takes pressure off the perineum and transfers it to the much less sensitive sit bones and parts of the pubic arch. 

Graphic of a Terry saddle for men with relief channel drawn in

Always the right saddle width

The distance between the sit bones varies from person to person. In order for the load of the upper body to be optimally distributed over the sit bones, the saddle must fit the individual pelvis - otherwise problems are inevitable. That is why Terry saddles are always available in two seat widths - for men and women. 

Dr Kim Tofaute checks the sitting bone distance

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