Comfortable on tour - Fisio GTC Gel. Recommended by Elektro Rad 06/22

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Close-up of a Terry Fisio GTC Gel saddle mounted on a bike

Our ergonomic and medical expertise to combat your seating discomfort

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The Terry experts look at a Terry saddle

Terry comfort saddles - the perfect fit for you and your bike

No matter how you sit on your bike: Terry takes the pressure off you in every riding position. With the Terry 3-zone comfort principle for women and men, your sensitive perineal and genital area is relieved - on the road bike as well as on the city bike. Guaranteed.

Two cyclists on the road with Terry touring saddles

Do men and women need different bicycle saddles? Yes! One of the most meaningful gender-specific products is the bicycle saddle.

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Two cyclists ride with Terry FitnessComfort saddles