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Stops saddle discomfort, immediately! The ComfortTouring saddle for men relieves pressure on the back. The saddle design is wider and has a slender overall shape*. Thanks to the Terry 3-Zone Comfort Principle, saddle problems are a thing of the past. This saddle is especially easy on the back because of its highly-efficient Cellasto® HiComfort dampers that are designed and manufactured in collaboration with BASF in Germany. Ideal for City, Touring and Long distance use. *(incl. ComfortGel pads)


Product Specs
Saddle Width Standard: 9 cm – 12 cmMax: 12 cm – 15 cm
Padding Comfort Foam, Comfort Gel
Upper Material/Cover DuraLux Microfiber
Workmanship Handmade
Damper Cellasto® Damper
Rails Light FeC Stahl silver
Features Wind-/Splashprotection in shell, Holder for QuickClick™ Saddlebags
Item Number 42300159 – Fisio GTC Gel Max Men
MSRP 89.95 €

Seating Position

  • upright
  • moderate
  • slightly inclined
  • inclined
  • strongly inclined