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The classic Fisio with new ClimaVent surface is very suitable for long distance and touring use. The open ClimaVent membrane fabric provides a permanent layer of air between body and saddle surface – optimal seat climate is guaranteed. The wide design of the seat area is ideal for the more upright riding position. Here a large part of the body weight rests on the seat bones. Due to the special basic shape of the saddle in connection with the 3-Zone-Comfort-Principle and gel inserts, the Fisio offers good relief in the perineal and genital areas as well as a very good pressure distribution in the seat bone area.


Product Specs
Saddle Width Standard: 9 cm – 12 cmMax: 12 cm – 15 cm
Padding Comfort Foam, Comfort Gel
Upper Material/Cover ClimaVent
Workmanship Handmade
Damper Cellasto® Damper
Rails Light FeC Stahl black
Features Holder for QuickClick™- Saddlebags
Item Number 42300370 – Fisio ClimaVent Gel Men
MSRP 99.95 €

Seating Position

  • upright
  • moderate
  • slightly inclined
  • inclined
  • strongly inclined