The Terry team of experts: putting an end to sitting discomfort

Die Terry-Expert*Innen besprechen sich mit Probandin.

Sitting problems are the most common painful symptoms of cycling

 To prevent them effectively, you need experience and the right tools. Our Terry Ergonomics Lab is the epitome of ergonomic and medical expertise when it comes to the saddle.

The Terry Ergonomics Lab

Together with other specialist departments, our experts develop the optimum saddle for every purpose, to effectively eliminate the causes of sitting discomfort. State-of-the-art pressure measurement methods, extensive prototyping and countless testers are used in the search for the perfect saddle shape. "The saddle is the central sensory interface between the rider and the bike," explains Dr Kim Tofaute. "Women and men are anatomically very different in the seat and urogenital area. That is why specific saddle ergonomics are important for both sexes.”

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The Terry experts

Sports ergonomist Dr. Kim Tofaute, urologist Dr. med. Uwe Niekerken and physiotherapist Hedda zu Putlitz are, in addition to their professional expertise, successful cyclists who know from personal experience what it takes to design the ideal saddle - for beginners as well as experienced cyclists.

Die Terry-Expert*Innen besprechen sich mit Probandin.

Hedda zu Putlitz

Hedda zu Putlitz was a multiple German mountain bike cross-country champion and competed in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. She now runs a physiotherapy centre in Koblenz and continues to enjoy riding all kinds of bikes.

Foto von Terry-Expertin Hedda zu Putlitz

Dr. Kim Tofaute

Dr Kim Tofaute has a doctorate in sports ergonomics and is one of Germany's most renowned bike fitters. As such, he understands the seating problems of cyclists like no one else. Dr. Tofaute also has racing experience in various cycling disciplines; as a professional mountain biker, he was twice runner-up in the 24-hour two-man race.

Foto von Terry-Experten Dr. Kim Tofaute

Dr. Uwe Niekerken

Dr. Uwe Niekerken is a senior physician/specialist in urology and a passionate amateur cyclist. His track record includes three titles in the Rhineland Championships.

Foto von Terry-Experten Dr. Uwe Niekerken

The Terry saddle technology

The 3-zone comfort principle

Cycling puts a lot of pressure on the sensitive seat area and the relatively small saddle surface. The pressure must be diverted away from the perineal and genital areas to the relatively insensitive sit bones. The Terry 3-zone comfort principle does exactly that in perfection: no pressure in the perineal and genital area thanks to the relief opening (1), no edge pressure thanks to gentle transitions (2), even pressure distribution thanks to a seat surface adapted to the distance between the sit bones and the sitting position (3).

The Terry saddle from above shows the 3-zone comfort principle

Step-free seating - without tilting moment

Cyclists intuitively change their sitting position to reduce the individual sitting pressure in the saddle or shifting body weight, uphill and downhill - this happens quite intuitively and without thinking about it. With step saddles, however, this natural movement is almost impossible. The Terry 3-zone comfort principle with its relief opening enables step-free sitting for optimal pressure distribution with a high range of movement from the rear to the saddle tip.

Grafik eines Beckens auf einem Terry-Sattel beim stufenfreien Sitzen Grafik des Beckens beim stufigen Sitzen

What to look out for when fitting your saddle

It is important to adjust your saddle correctly to avoid discomfort and ensure an efficient ride. Here we explain what to look for and how to check and adjust the necessary settings yourself.

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