Anatomica Men

Seating Position: upright
  • Extra wide seat
  • 3-zone comfort principle
  • Ideal for upright sitting position

Cycling can be so beautiful. Here is the men's city saddle for a comfortable, upright sitting position! The wide, softly padded Anatomica Men makes every city ride or casual ride a pleasure with its step-free 3-zone comfort technology. Thanks to the men-specific relief opening, there's no numbness, yet all the more riding fun.

Saddle Width
One Size
Comfort Foam
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A man rides an e-bike through a city

3-zone comfort principle for men

We have tuned the 3 zones of the Anatomica Men for comfortable e-bike pleasure rides. The relief opening prevents typical male discomfort, the transitions at the edges are gentle. And the saddle’s surface perfectly distributes the increased load on the sit bones when cycling in an upright posture.

Terry Anatomica saddle with drawn-in 3-zone comfort principle

Prevents sitting pressure and numbness

In men, pressure from the saddle can cause compression of nerves and vessels in the perineal area. This often leads to feelings of numbness. The relief opening of the Terry Anatomica Men, which is specifically adapted to the male anatomy, prevents these typical complaints in the sensitive perineal area and genitals.  

A thumb is pressed on the saddle

Especially comfortable and thickly tuned seat foam

With the soft, high-performance Comfort Foam, the pressure on the sit bones is evenly distributed when pedaling, depressing the padding of the wide Terry Anatomica Men only enough that the pedaling movements are optimally supported. Precisely controlled foam rebound response prevents contact with the saddle shell. 

Terry Anatomica saddle foam

Very good choice for e-bikes and entry-level bikes

If you have an entry-level and/or e-bike, the Anatomica Men will provide you with extra comfort. On a city or touring e-bike, your rides may be a bit longer – but, you still don't have to worry about sitting discomfort.  

A man sitting on a touring bike

30 day money back guarantee

We are convinced of the high quality and functionality of our saddles. That's why we give you our money-back guarantee: You can test your Terry saddle without risk and return it within 30 days from the date of purchase to the dealer where you bought it. This promise is valid at all participating bike stores.  

Terry 30 Days Refund Policy

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Technical Specifications

Anatomica Men
Article number
One Size
Light FeC Steel black
Upper Material/Cover
WeatherMax DuraSilk
Comfort Foam
men specific
max. Load
140 kg

What to look out for when fitting your saddle

It is important to adjust your saddle correctly to avoid discomfort and ensure an efficient ride. Here we explain what to look for and how to check and adjust the necessary settings yourself.

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Saddle Raincover Large

Elastic rain cover can be fitted over the saddle and secured with a drawstring closure. When not in use, the cover can be easily and safely stowed under the saddle rails.

Suitable for all Terry City saddles as well as saddles with a width of 240 mm +/- 20 mm.

MSRP €9.95