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The Butterfly Arteria is specifically designed for the female anatomy. The Terry 3 Zone Comfort Concept with its wide, forward biased relief channel does a great job at distributing and relieving pressure on the genital area when seated. The Butterfly Arteria does without gel inserts and fits sit bone widths from 9 to 12 cm in the standard version.


Product Specs
Saddle Width Standard: 9 cm – 12 cmMax: 12 cm – 15 cm
Padding Comfort Foam
Upper Material/Cover WeatherMax DuraSilk
Rails CroMo black
Weight 260 g*
Item Number 42300580 – Butterfly Arteria Women
MSRP 79.95 €

*Weights may vary in production.

Seating Position

  • upright
  • moderate
  • slightly inclined
  • inclined
  • strongly inclined