Ergonomical and Medically Approved.

Terry saddles are proven to effectively stop saddle discomfort. The saddles are available in two widths and are specifically developed and designed for both the male and female anatomies. The step-free 3-Zone Comfort Principal saddle surface with the ergonomic relief channel is proven effective against saddle discomfort while riding.

Terry saddles are developed using the latest sensor pressure measuring technologies in collaboration with our expert team comprised of Dr. med. Uwe Niekerken (Urologist), Hedda zu Putlitz (Physiotherapist) and Dr. Kim Tofaute (Sports Scientist and Ergonomist) in our Terry ergonomic laboratory.

Siegel „Geprüfte Ergonomie“ von Dr. Kim Alexaner Tofaute
The saddle is the central sensory interface between man and machine. The difference between women and men, especially in the urogenital area, requires specific saddle ergonomics.
Dr. Kim Alexander Tofaute, Sportergonom